Michael McCourt’s directing career began nearly a decade ago when a passion for fine art photography developed into a love for live action filmmaking. After graduating from the University of Miami, Michael traveled west to Southern California where he began honing his skills while working in the fields of film, music video, commercials, and episodic television. In the process he began to expand his hands-on approach to filmmaking by becoming actively involved in the editorial part of the creative process. Spending countless hours refining projects in post has helped him develop an eye for directing that is constantly approaching film with a comprehensive, “big-picture” perspective that he feels helps put the maximum amount of production value on the screen where it belongs.

Having gained a reputation for being a director known for bringing a human touch to filmmaking, Michael’s style is marked by an enthusiastic tendency to immerse himself in projects. It’s his feeling that the camera should act as a curious eye that is constantly searching for the interesting and illuminating details that help engage viewers in a completely involving visual and visceral experience. Maintaining a precise focus on his emotional target and a deep understanding of the human spirit, he has been able to craft films that are vibrant, beautiful, and rich authenticity. But above all, they are designed to tell great stories. That’s what brought him to the art, and that’s what continues to excite him to this day.

He continues to search for unique projects and remains constantly interested in exploring ideas that can be developed into powerful pieces of film.

Directors Guild of America